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How to Unlock the Keypad on a BlackBerry Curve February 27, 2013

Posted by Ishmael Chibvuri in I.T Risk Management, Latest Articles!!!.

By an eHow Contributing Writer
Many people depend on their Blackberrys to store
information, access media via the Internet, and stay in touch
with friends and family. With so much information on these
devices, security measures have been put in place to
protect the media. One of these devices is a “Lock/Unlock”
feature which prevents those who don’t know the
password from accessing the keypad. Here is a simple
method for unlocking the keypad on your Blackberry Curve.
Moderately Easy
Things You’ll Need:
Blackberry Curve
Computer with Internet access (optional)
Accessing the Blackberry Curve Keypad
1. Access the Blackberry’s main menu.
2. Enter the password in the “Lock/Unlock” screen. The
password you enter is the same one chosen in the inital
program setup of your Blackberry Curve.
3. Click “Enter” after you’ve inputed the code, and your
Curve keypad should now be unlocked.
Unlocking the Blackberry Curve Keypad Without a
4. Enter a random code into the “Lock/Unlock” screen on
your Blackberry Curve. This is to be done if you can’t
remember and/or don’t have a record of your Curve’s
password. A message will appear that reads “Incorrect
5. Repeat the process, each time entering another
incorrect password. After the tenth incorrect
password is entered the internal computer will wipe the
Blackberry Curve handset of all its information and
unlock the keypad.
6. Clear out of the “Lock/Unlock” screen, and you are now
ready to use your Curve. However, the information you
had stored on the Blackberry will now be erased. An
easy way to safeguard against lost Blackberry
information is to backup all files on your PC (Blackberrys
are only compatible with the Windows operating
system) via the “Desktop Manager” program on your
Blackberry Curve.
Tips & Warnings
Resolved question
How to unlock the Keypad of Blackberry 8310 Curve




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