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Best Bluestacks Alternative for Using Whatsapp on PC September 16, 2013

Posted by Ishmael Chibvuri in Latest Articles!!!.

Bluestacks is a software available Non-Android user who are not having a Android cellphone for running Android application on PC or Mac. Currently this application is very popular for among who want to chat with friends on Whatsapp.
Basically Bluestacks run only on those PC having 2GB of RAM and still its slow the computer…really its suck and most of the user simply quit it. But to run on PC having 1GB there are different method that can done check out this….. …….
but since this software is so heavy on computer having 2GB RAM in other case , i.e on PC having 1GB of RAM it actually bring the whole computer to halt ……so there is no way you can use it ..except to have at least 6GB of RAM
so what is other option left ….
since we know Android OS is freely available over developer section of Google Website . then why we can’t simply run this OS on Virtual platform ..so how this done

Like to Watch YouTUBE video tutorial go to end of the post or simply follw these steps

1 : Download these files
Virtual Box ( You can use other Virtual software as well )
Android_4.1.1_WhatsApp (this is the Android OS come pre installed whatsapp) (almost 298MB )
2 : After Downloading simply install Virtual Box
3 : Double click to open it
4 : Click as follows

5 : After Importing the Android OS start it
(Note : you should be connected to internet for carry out the further steps)

6: You can change the language by following manner or if its already in your language skip to step7

7 : The whatsapp may say that adjust the clock timing. Simply change time and date accordingly .
8: Browse a little bit over internet. Whatsapp will automatically ask for upgrading of software simply upgrade it

WoW! your are done….. register with your cellphone number and enjoy .
but you have add contacts manually one by one ..but its worth doing it ! hope you like this post share among your friends so they will also be online on Whatsapp.

Source: http://eutectics.blogspot.com/2013/08/best-bluestacks-alternative-for-using.html



1. Rajesh SHARMA - February 5, 2014

my BLUE stacks not working on my pc still i have no other option to start please help me i have windows xp sp3

2. sonu - December 1, 2013

hey dat video is nt clear yaar !! :/

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